The video that started a worldwide scandal ensnaring the late Toronto Mayor Rob ... Ford publicly denied the existence of footage showing him smoking crack.... Aug 12, 2016 A notorious video showing late Toronto politician Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine that sparked a storm of controversy and marred the tenure of.... May 23, 2013 Plus a brief history of Rob Ford impersonators. ... journalists had watched a video that they say shows Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack,.... May 1, 2014 The Globe and Mail newspaper said it has viewed a second video of Ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine in his sister's basement.. Nov 6, 2013 On Tuesday, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford finally confessed to smoking crack cocaine after police confirmed that they are in possession of a video.... Aug 11, 2016 In May 2013, Gawker editor John Cook received a tip that the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, had a habit of smoking crack cocaine, that a video.... May 21, 2013 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is embroiled in a scandal involving a cell phone video that allegedly shows him smoking crack cocaine. The owners of.... Nov 18, 2013 Earlier this year, Mayor Rob Ford denied smoking crack cocaine but ... they had a video of him smoking crack, something he had repeatedly.... May 24, 2013 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford denied Friday that he smokes crack cocaine and said he is not an addict after a video purported to show him using the.... May 16, 2013 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is dismissing allegations he appears in a video smoking crack cocaine. Ford didn't answer when asked if the video is.... Nov 6, 2013 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford apologized profusely on Tuesday (Nov 5) for smoking crack cocaine and promised he would never make the same.... May 17, 2013 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will not be hosting his weekly radio show this weekend after explosive allegations that he was recorded on a video.... Nov 4, 2013 The mayor of Toronto is not resigning, despite reports that police have obtained a video showing him smoking crack cocaine.. Ford calls on cops to release video purporting to show him smoking a crack pipe. By COLLEEN CURRY. November 4, 2013, 7:20 AM. 2 min read. Share to.... May 17, 2013 Probably something to do with the fact that it reportedly captures Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack. Ford is also known for conservative... 219d99c93a

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